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therapy or is searching for therapy to reach out…Freeze Talkspace… specifically in these times i think online treatment is a great thing so i wished to examine the pros and cons of better help that i have actually experienced however first um simply a basic summary of what it is so much better assist if you probably understand it’s online treatment you’re entitled to one hour of either a video session a phone session or a chat session per week so let’s discuss a few of the good and the bad parts regrettably my bad list method exceeds the excellent list but let’s check it out so good firstly it’s fast once again it’s simple to register it’s right fast it’s convenient particularly during lockdown and times like this with covid it’s extremely safe so you can remain within so it’s effective with regard to going

through therapists so if you do not like your therapist just click a button get a new one that’s all the excellent the bad i have a lot of problems with it i got 99 issues however one of the problems is better assistance so i’ll speak about what happened when i signed up a little bit about my therapist and again how i feel about it the bad part so very first and i think the most significant concern i have is that on betterhelp they charge from when you’re matched with a therapist not always when you begin your session so for example a lot of individuals alter their therapist perhaps they message a little bit and they do not quite align or possibly their scheduling problem so you would change but you were already matched with one so you’re being charged in my opinion they truly actually ought to charge you from your your very first session not from when you’re matched um so to sort of

alleviate that issue and this is what i did not do this is my error is go on the site and register and when it brings you to the credit card details at the bottom just do not fill that in and my friend did this and actually she was still matched with a therapist she might message uh discover new ones if essential and after that she was charged once again to mitigate that exit out and just push off that payment as long as you can because actually you should not be paying for the time where they’re looking for a therapist for you right you should not be spending for the time you’re searching for a therapist it’s not therapy and also i believe it ought to be charged per session and not per month one time my therapist stated she was busy and she couldn’t session and she didn’t actually comprise that hour um that i was entitled to weekly so that’s basically what 60 or 70 dollars that i just spent for absolutely nothing so it’s really unmanaged and i really really do not like that at all another concern they don’t state explicitly how many video or chat sessions you’re entitled to each week or rather they do but it’s not very explicit i had to go digging through a couple google searches in the frequently asked question for example they don’t say explicitly just how much time you’re entitled to weekly and it feels sort of like haggling or like the luck of the draw for example my therapist wound up offering me one hour each week but my friend really states her therapist on betterhelp is just doing about 30 minutes a week so it feels sort of awkward to require to think about that and to need to press your


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counselor for that time you should not need to think about that i want to simply sign up and focus on therapy i don’t want to be kind of troubled by this take and offer of you understand your therapist being hectic and you wanting more time that’s simply not appropriate at all um that’s not what you’re paying to manage you should not have to pay to manage that time in my opinion so yeah it need to be way way method more regulated and after that again i think you need to pay per those sessions for example it’s not fair that my friend is only getting two hours a month and i’m getting 4 and we’re paying the very same quantity so it’s sort of like the wild wild west like unmanaged and kind of every guy for themself actually i’m truly not a fan truly truly truly not a fan of their payment system actually not a fan of that type of each scenario is different with the therapist um another thing too which i think is necessary is you can actually pick your own therapist if you sign up online they put you through this little sort of algorithm quiz thing and they match you with somebody but it’s not apparent but if you i think unmatch that therapist and after that go to the bottom of the page then there’s a tiny little link in the footer that says find a therapist so you can discover a therapist there and attempt to pay again as late as possible because it seems like they’re sort of trying to get cash from you as fast as they can which yeah i’m not a huge fan of that oh basically much better aid to me it’s fast it’s cheap um however it’s kind of like the mcdonald’s of treatment that’s the impression that i get the quality is good but i can inform my therapist is really hectic that’s kind of the impression i get of numerous therapists on there is that they’re extremely busy and it’s a bit

of a struggle to set up with them obviously i live in japan and many reside in america so that’s an extra challenge however yeah overall the monetary part of it i’m truly not amazed with how they established their billing system and why i was charged immediately and after that paid basically a bit of my time for them to simply find me a therapist and yeah again my therapist likewise is great she’s excellent she’s really skilled but she seems quite hectic and doesn’t respond too rapidly to my messages and once again i believe at one week it’s just been one week out of the 4 or five that i’ve done however she was hectic and simply we didn’t session so so let’s go to some suggestions again tip number one exit out of all payments and push that off as long as you can i truly do not think it’s reasonable for them to make you pay for you looking for a counselor that’s not what the service is if you’re doing better help make certain to watch out for the timing you’re entitled to one hour a week uh pointer number two so of those one hour a week sessions that you have i advise downloading obs studio which is a screen recording software and if you use that you can really screen record